In veges and listening to alternative 80s

Ok I’m merging two posts in this one.

Firstly listening to… I was a teenager in the 80s, a decade I often think had little or no taste! But I am absolutely loving the Garage. This is the poly tech student radio station which each year reinvents itself with a new name and a new genre. This year is the alternative 80s and I’m absolutely loving hearing early U2 and REM (before they were mainstream!), the Cure, the Violent Femmes, the B52s, some early Mad-Chester, the Dudes, Hunters and Collectors, New Order, Joy Division…. the list goes on! I’m right back at my last few years of high school, uni days and early days of RDU, the uni radio, which I joined just as the decade switched so many of these songs, and bands were on high rotate!

Now that’s giving me some mental well-being with happy memories and great music. The Vege part is the nourish part of well being.

I love meat, but with haemachromotosis (excess iron) I try to limit my red meat intake. When diagnosed I cut out meat a few times a week. I’m also aware that I should eat more vegetables and fruit. It balances out the treats!

So when I saw Nadia Lim’s latest cookbook “vegful” at an amazing price I had to pick it up. I’m a fan of Nadia, not from Masterchef, but from food bag and fresh start. Her recipes are easy and tasty.

But another cookbook? I have a few. So I’ve set myself a goal to cook at least one new recipe a week! Actually this week I was so excited I’ve menu planned and shopped to cook four! I’ll let you know about that reality in the future.

I cooked my first meal tonight and it was so good. I thought I had barley but must have used it all up in the last winter soup… so when I realised this tonight I simply switched in some bulgher wheat, easy swap and just as good.

So I’m feeling nourished tonight and ready to face the new week (with left over salad for lunch tomorrow!)

Enjoy some 80s music with this flashback to U2 and have a great week!

Party girl

Tonight’s dinner!

2 responses to “In veges and listening to alternative 80s

  1. Love your music choices. I wanted to see the Violent Femmes who are touring. (Or toured recently. I switched off when I knew my travels wouldn’t allow me to see them.)

    I always find it inspiring and brings back some joy in cooking when you trial a new recipe. Might have to do this to get my mojo back.

  2. Ah! Love all the early U2. Such a sweet video, with Bono’s wife on stage! (and a kiss!) I agree that at the time, I thought the 80s was a tasteless period. But I love so much on your list: Violent Femmes, Hunters and Collectors etc.

    It’s sometimes hard to find the energy for nourishing new cooking…particularly right when you most need it! 4 new dishes is an inspiring effort!

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