In the pursuit of happiness.

Achieving happiness all the time is impossible. But on the back of a lovely holiday in Melbourne I’ve been thinking about what makes me happy.

  • Time with family
  • Experiencing new things
  • Warm weather
  • Great food
  • Great wine
  • Nature
  • Art
  • Music
  • I managed to tick all those things off!
  • It was a happy holiday, but it was real life too. Not everything was smooth sailing every minute of every day. My body ached after walking so much every day, we had the odd disagreement, but on the whole we just got on with making some happy memories.
  • Now what is making me happy is working through the photo project I set everyone… waiting for some of thenphotos to come in and figuring out what exactly I’m going to do with these photos.
  • And planning what next? A holiday? Some Renovations? Time will tell.
  • The pursuit of happiness? A third of the fun is in the planning, a third is in the doing and the rest is in the memories!
  • Take me to these tacos!!!!

    Just a wine or two…

  • Making new friends

    3 responses to “In the pursuit of happiness.

    1. Giant teddies! I spy some local spots I know well. I hope you enjoyed Melbourne and I hope the weather wasn’t too miserable! It was a tricky time of year to visit. Where did you have the tacos?

      • My wordpress has been playing up! I had the tacos at Melbourne Cellar Door. We ordered an amazing platter and some tacos. I had the cauliflower ones, amazing! We had great weather overall. 11 days and only two I’d class as “cold”. A couple of hot ones too! Had a fabulous time and will be back… maybe won’t leave it 17 years this time!

        • Aha! Melbourne Cellar Door…I don’t think we’ve been there. It sounds innovative! Glad if the weather was not too bad – Melbourne weather can be very hit and miss!

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