In the four pillars of health

I recently discovered the podcast of Dr Rangan Chatterjee which then led me to his book, The 4 Pillars of Health.

I downloaded the book from the library and read away.

For anyone who is interested in wellbeing I recommend both. With a congenital health condition I often find doctors focus on one thing and don’t look at the whole picture, so I annoy the s*** out of them with lots of questions! So it’s so good to find a Doctor who believes in holistic health care. You’ll find the range of information in his podcasts great.

Back to the book! The four pillars of his book are

  • Eat
  • Move
  • Sleep
  • Relax

It is a practical book with lots of great suggestions and also a reminder on the reader to be realistic. You don’t have to be perfect in all areas. You might already be good in one area… focus on a pillar and make one or two changes and slowly build up your “health” in this area. His other great tip is not to do everything at once, if you need to improve all the pillars, just pick one action from each area. When we overwhelm ourselves with change it doesn’t work.

I’m good at the sleep and the relax. Move can be a challenge so I’ve picked up on something to work on. Eat is my biggest thing with wanting to shed some kilos, cut down on sugar.

I am currently focused on “eat the rainbow “. Not only does this encourage your five plus a day, the different colours of fruit and veges also have lots of benefits. The focus isn’t on calories, but on nutrients. Lots of food have “hidden” benefits and the different colours provide a wide range of these nutrients and benefits.

By picking a few different colours I’m finding my snacks are a bit more vege focused too!

My list of colours!

By buying more of these veges I am also increasing the range of fresh foods and am integrating less processed food into the mix. It is a big list of ingredients, even after I removed one or two items I’ve tried and detest!

Plenty of choice… I’ll let you know how I’m going in a month or two.

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