In 19 days of mindfulness, days 9-14

How did I get to day 14 so quick? Even mindfulness doesn’t slow down time!

Day 9 – make a creative date with yourself.

Go to the museum, art gallery or a play by yourself, no distractions, focus on the art, story whatever it is, look a second time, be open minded.

It is true on the whole, when I go to a gallery by myself I feel like I’ve felt it more. I try to get to a gallery regularly… a few times a year. It’s always fulfilling.

Day 10 – a new way to look at your day. This one was about journaling and using different prompts to record things differently, eg describe or draw the clothes you are wearing, chart how you feel, what was your first thought, etc. I currently journal and as I have a bullet journal I do track (chart) certain things, I doodle a little but my style is minimalist but every day is a little different.

Day 11 – today is for slow reading.

I’ve read 37 books so far this year, I’m a “fast” reader, but I do it in a slow way! I make time to read and I think preferring real books over technology also helps the slow reading mindset.

Day 12 – slow cooking!

I read this one at the end of a day so too late to cook up a soup or casserole, so I made the overnight oats and had them for lunch yesterday. I do cook from scratch and enjoy it (not so much the cleaning up). We lead busy lives so slowing the cooking down even more isn’t always practical, but making a meal from scratch can take 30 minutes and is quite satisfying in more ways than just your hunger. Weekends are a good time to whip up soup or a hearty winter casserole. It makes you a bit more aware of food too if you’re trying mindful eating.

Day 13 – living by your own motto.

This was a few pretty pages of mindful quotes. You can find heaps on the internet. I joke that my motto used to be “everything in moderation and chocolate every day”! However that’s not quite what they’re talking here.

I’m still finding my final motto, but it’s around ENOUGH. I’m good enough, I have enough etc, or something like the only thing stopping you is YOU. Positive affirmations. Perhaps you don’t need just one, but a few for different times or challenges in your life. Any mottos you want to share?

Day 14 – meditation can be learned.

True! A good few pages with tips on getting started and going. Start small, breaks are good for you, the different methods such as walking, drawing, yoga as well as the stereotypical seated or lying down meditation.

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