In 19 days of mindfulness days 5, 6, 7 and 8!

Day 5 is inspiration: other peoples materials.

Okay so this was a bit abstract, yet another article about an artist who found inspiration by looking at her tools and then painting them to get a new perspective. She then asked other people to send her photos of their tools and painted them. E.g a graphic designer’s typewriter, colour palette, camera, jar of beads and some ink.

I wasn’t sure of the purpose of this one for me. I could list my tools or the contents of my handbag but as I’m not an artist I find this too specific. Perhaps it’s about reflecting on the tools we use to get a different perspective but it’s not clicking for me. Perhaps day 6 will help.

Day 6 What creativity brings you.

Thinking of new solutions to a problem. To be innovative or successful we need to be finding new ways of doing things, and thinking outside the square. If we stand still we don’t survive. We need to have confidence to make mistakes.

Based on articles by Sir Ken Robertson, who has numerous TedTalks about education and the way it kills creativity.

This session followed on well from the last in that if we focus on the tools we use or keep with us, we are allowing ourselves the ability to be creative to look for answers and find new ways.

Day 7 Why we love paper.

This I could identify with. I’m a paper lover, I love writing in my journal, I love to do lists, paper craft and scrapbooking art.

Whether to play with it or use it, I love the feel, touch, smell of paper. I get it. It brings things back to basics. I’m even writing notes for these updates on paper! It’s tactile and it’s a good way to connect the brain, I would NEVER have got my degrees writing notes on laptops or tablets. I may be able to type 120wpm but I’m on auto pilot when I do. Writing things down I’m re-hearing them in my brain and cementing them as I put information in writing.

Yep, for me, paper all the way!

Day 8. Photo project – look with new eyes.

Photos a day. Themed photo projects, yes I get this one too. My first blog came out of taking a photo a day of the city as we recovered from the earthquakes. I was suffering from a bit of depression and it got me out every day looking at things differently. I didn’t make 365 photos but I managed over 270 and it worked its magic on my inner spirit.

I’m not going to partake during this 19 days, but I am going to use this concept on my 10 day holiday in Melbourne next month… and get all my family doing it too. A good way to look differently at a city, and they’re going to have to give me the photos, not post them on social media. I am going to turn them into a photo memory for us all to have. I think I’ll give people different categories, e.g doors, windows, street art… it should be a fun project.

Mindfulness always includes a good cuppa!

Notepads, to do lists, journal! Yep I’m a paper addict!

2 responses to “In 19 days of mindfulness days 5, 6, 7 and 8!

  1. Wait! Melbourne is next month?! How do things like that creep up so quickly! Melbourne is fabulous for photography of the ‘urban’ kind…street art, laneways, food, coffee, bars, music. 🙂

    I love the notion of tools as a meditative thought process. There is something so intimate and personal about the tools of one’s trade, be that an actual tool for a tradesperson, or a pen/paper, the tools of life. I think there’s something very caring and dignified about honouring the tools we work with to earn our living.

    • I can’t wait. It’s about 18 years since I was in Melbourne and I loved it back then. Can’t wait to explore it again and indulge in fabulous food too! 😀

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