In 19 days of mindfulness – day 1 and 2

Day 1 of the 19 days of mindfulness was really just reading up on what it is and how it can help us. A reminder of the benefits, how to get started (a course was suggested) and who can do it. “If you can breathe, you can meditate” and how to incorporate into your life.

So nothing I didn’t already know, but sorry I’m not enrolling in an eight week course.

Day 2 was exercises to keep you in the now. Suggestions were to draw clouds and thoughts, then watch them come and go in the blue sky of your mind. This is a technique you can use in meditation, without the actual drawing or writing as well, But it doesn’t do anything for me, either version.

Pick or buy a flower, see it with open eyes, smell it with closed eyes, feel it with closed eyes, visualise it with closed eyes, draw it with open eyes.

I picked some daffodils and it was a pleasant enough experience, despite the fact I’m no artist. You then give your flower water, enjoy it until it has faded (died?) and then draw it again.

Here’s my flower alive.

The next exercise is to draw balloons and write what you want to let go of in them. Go outside and close your eyes, letting the balloons sail off into the sky (mentally not literally).

Yeah, nah. This doesn’t do it for me either.

Finally counting your way home, or noticing your surrounds, count dogs or cats you see, cars driving past, trees along the way, cracks in the pavement, steps you take etc etc.

As I fell asleep on the bus ride home, this was kind of a fail. However I already do like my walk to and from the bus stop, often noticing fragrant gardens, blossom on trees (great season for this) and yep I noticed the lazy teenager who lay across two seats on the bus going in to work, while it filled up and people stood!

So day two was a bit hit and miss. It just highlights there are some things that work and others that don’t which reinforces the day 1 article which tells you to pick what works and you can use in your life.

One response to “In 19 days of mindfulness – day 1 and 2

  1. I had to laugh at the bit about falling asleep on the bus! Very relateable!

    I do really like the drawing exercises though. I think that would be very relaxing and still the blur and buzz of thoughts. I might give it a go!

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