In mindfulness

I became more interested in mindfulness in recent years as my job became more stressful. While I was already doing yoga, and I do give myself quiet time to read, play music and be crafty, I needed something more.

I found it difficult to meditate without hyperventilating until I read Dan Harris’ book 10% Happier. The book didn’t help me, but the appendix at the end with tips and techniques did.

I still tend towards guided meditation as the act of “listening” quietens my thoughts. I know the idea isn’t to have an empty mind, but my mind can be quite loud.

Having said that, I can sit in the sun in summertime and lose 20 minutes without thinking of a single sausage. So, no, not meditating then either!

So when I saw this magazine book from the Flow team, I decided I was going to get this and try 19 days of mindfulness and all the different ways we can act mindfully. It came with a morning pages booklet as well as some paper craft/art extras.

It’s the first day of Spring in New Zealand and a gorgeous 19 degree Celsius day. So what better way to put me in a positive mindset for the next 19 days.

I’ll let you know how I get on and if I find anything amazingly new to put into my self-care mindfulness routine!

2 responses to “In mindfulness

  1. Do you find the Mindfulness really makes you feel re-charged? Maybe I’m not doing it ‘correctly’ either…but I’ve tried and wasn’t feeling like it was helping much with stress or relaxing. Will be interested to hear about your progress and insights!

    • Once I got past the hyperventilating issue, I do find meditation useful. However I use it as a wind down at night, so want to look at meditation/mindfulness during the day. I do know going into disciplinary meetings my yoga breathing and taking deep breaths, also slowing down the process were useful tools. It also made “space” during those meetings that helped me keep them in control.

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