In well-being

It’s been a horrid few grey, wet miserable days and I’m feeling flat and lethargic. I slumped into old habits last week with sugary food and paid for it at the weekend.

“The greatest wealth is health”. So I did a reset yesterday, back into healthy snacks and morning yoga.

Today though I really struggled. I have my usual yoga class on a Tuesday 1.75 hrs of it. But finishing work at 330pm I went home and really wanted to crash on the sofa. I didn’t have anything sorted for tea. So I pulled my S#&* together and went to class.

It was a restorative session. Whoohoo! Despite that, I left feeling energised, and rebalanced. I picked up a vege packed Thai takeaway for tea (leftovers for lunch) on the way home and have been (slightly smugly) patting myself on the back.

I’ve been doing yoga for 20 years… on and off for the first five, and the last 15 regular weekly class, and the last two years, nearly daily yoga practice and weekly or sometimes twice weekly classes.

Due to my health restrictions I will never do full inversions – stand on my head, etc. however Iyengar yoga, which is the type I do, has a lot of variations with props. My fabulous tutor is always looking into things for opening the chest to help my oxygen deprived body, or finding things for my migraines (I have a migraine routine that is amazeballs… forget drugs!)

So I really should be spouting off about how wonderful yoga is and what the benefits are, as I do know them… but the real world (and the weather) does exist and like everyone else, I can struggle with what I know is right for my body and my mind. Just like the sugar. I’m human after all.

But tonight, I am reminded and strengthened in my determinedness to get back on track with everything. Wealth is health… and if you click on the link to this cute Instagram page you’ll see an artist who has captured what I have as the exact self-perceived mental image of me after class tonight!

Namaste. 🙏

Yoga feels

3 responses to “In well-being

  1. Wealth really is health. I admire that you can get back on track after the sugary hit: I struggle especially after the sugar crashes and it becomes a cycle. I’ve never tried yoga although I have longterm yoga friends who are pleading with me to try just one class. Maybe I should! Cute instagram! 🙂

    • So many benefits to yoga. Interestingly flexibility is not the aim – in fact if you’re flexible there’s more chance you’ll over extend and hurt yourself over time if not guided well. But my top reasons are: more energy, mindfulness, improves ability to sleep, improves ability to deal with stress, improves productivity, strengthens your body and keeps you taller and more steady as you age. As an aside, your shoes will last longer. (You become more aligned and don’t wear them down to the side as quickly!)

      • I love the possibility of more energy – but the shoes is a real winner! (I go through shoes so fast!!)

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