Listening to … the Cocteau Twins

I was listening to the radio the other day and Massive Attack’s Teardrop came on and the DJ said initially Madonna was going to be the vocalist but they decided they wanted a more ethereal sound and Liz Fraser got the gig instead, thank the Lord! Her beautiful voice evokes calm and emotion I can’t imagine it sung by anyone else.

I decided to put some Cocteau Twins on as it put me in that sort of mood, and I’ve being doing my morning yoga to some of their beautiful melodies this week.

How do then Cocteau Twins define my Life? They remind me of DJing at the student radio on a Saturday morning when you wanted a gentle start to the day following a late night out. It reminds me of late night coffees in student hangouts and cool cafes when you get a shot of Baileys in your hot chocolate to help send you off to dream land. Their songs wrap a blanket of cosy reminiscence of youth around me.

So my listening to today is Pur.

Make yourself a soothing tea, sit in a quiet place (cross legged on a cushion if you wish!), turn it up and breathe.

Feel better? I hope so.


One response to “Listening to … the Cocteau Twins

  1. Both so beautiful…they take you away from the everyday and remind you what matters in life. So lovely!

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