And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

Wow I’m confused.

So I watched Chernobyl recently (totally recommend this stunning series) and of course there’s a big message about fake news … or cover ups and lies.

Then I watch a couple of health docos on Netflix and along with those and The Sugar Film I’m confused. So it would seem that big sugar, big agriculture and big pharma all distort the studies telling us what is good for us. What the Health on Netflix disputes that sugar is an issue…. but promotes the plant based diet. Paleo is out.

So who do you believe? All these docos show astounding results for people who have dreadful health problems and I am a great believer in diet being a big part of your health. “Food be thy medicine and medicine be they food” attributed to Hippocrates (but is that fake news too? There is doubt) is a wonderful quote.

You see both my parents had health issues and I do believe that some cancers you are genetically disposed to. Some would argue cholesterol is too. These docos would say “meh, not so much.”

So who do you believe?

I was born with no pulmonary artery and unlike many with this diagnosis my condition was inoperable. I was given four years max. I’ll be 50 in October.

I grew up on a good wholesome diet by a mother who cooked from scratch, baked cakes, and a father who liked a good fry up.

I’ve never been skinny, but for someone who can’t do anything too energetic I’m not big and am in the (top of ) healthy BMI range. I’d like to lose about 5 kilos but I’ve been about the same size for years. In fact half my wardrobe is from over five years ago and still fits.

I like wine and I like chocolate. I like healthy food too. I just cut back my added sugar intake for junk free June and enjoyed healthy snacks like celery and peanut butter and corn thins with feta and tomatoes.

I also have too much iron and the reality is that diet is not really effective for this, apart from drinking tea to lower absorption rates (I get blood removed regularly though), I do try to have a vegetarian meal or two each week. I’m not big on dairy but I love a shake and an ice cream. I like cheese too, but with crackers and a wine, more than cooked with meals.

So I’m intrigued by these documentaries and I’d retrain in Nutrition if I had a science brain as I am fascinated by it. But at the end of the day… I’m thinking moderation has worked for 49.5 years so perhaps I’m best to keep it that way.

I love food and I’d rather be happy than miserable trying to get the ideal right. I think on the whole my relationship with food is mentally healthy. And what is right? So many contradicting studies. No offence to any of you fanatical vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, Flexitarianz, no sugar and/or no dairy folk out there. I was born broken but I haven’t got worse. So if it ain’t broken (more) don’t fix it.

Pass me the 78% chocolate and a glass of red please 😜

Feel free to comment but no hate please. I’m just musing aloud about the contradictory information, which is a common place we punters find ourselves, on what is right!

2 responses to “And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

  1. I don’t think you can go far wrong with the theory “all things in moderation”! Sadly, there’s lots of money to be made by promoting this-or-that magic bullet and special diet. I think you’ve got a really healthy and sensible approach! Weight is known to be a big issue so you are doing great to stay stable (next on the agenda for me…) 😃

  2. I trust doctors and scientists who show they have research to back it up but are also moderate and have nothing to sell. So fewer salt, sugar, fats and processed foods and less alcohol. Well that’s what I know, not what I do. Lol.

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