In something new

I’ve been a bit lapse blogging as I started a new job seven weeks ago. After 15.5 years as an HR Advisor I took a complete career change by accepting a job in a very small law firm as a Legal Secretary/PA.

I’ve gone from 350 employees to a firm of four! It’s refreshing, and a HUGE change and learning curve.

I met up with a couple of former colleagues who told me they thought I was very brave – not only leaving somewhere after such a LONG time, but doing something so completely different,

I hadn’t thought of it in that light, I just knew I needed to do something as my mental health wasn’t coping any more. While I loved the company, the job did my head in. It was a huge decision, but it also wasn’t, if that makes sense.

So my focus has been on learning, and new routines.

Amongst this I’ve been doing another junkfree June – added sugars thing again. I do tend to slip into bad habits as I have a sweet tooth.

One of my “things” is well-being. There’s so much out there about it, the search for happiness, being healthy etc etc. I’ve decided that it’s all about moderation, everything is. Moderate exposure to news and social media, moderate exposure to stress, moderate exposure to sugar and alcohol, and even moderation in moving your body (who wants an injury when they’re going to be 50 soon?!).

A sense of achievement, time with family, time for creativity, time for stillness, in many ways the principle of “enough”. When you think of it, we live in the western world and have first world problems and too much stress. Sometimes you just have to remove yourself from the situation and rethink things. And sometimes, you just find yourself somewhere new and adjust.

What is new in your life at the moment?

3 responses to “In something new

  1. Good on you!!! We definitely need more time, more sleep and more rest in our busy world. A less stressful job is better for your current life and health.

  2. That must be a big change of scene, going from a workplace with 350 employees compared to 4. I really hear you on the ‘wellbeing’ thoughts. That line that ‘it was a huge change but also not’, is exactly how I felt about changing my job last year. Wise words, we do have ‘enough’ (and more than enough) but yet we keep working to excess to fuel more and more. I hope this is a great move for you.

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