Zero spend month… how it went

So it’s the last day of May and I’m in for the night now so no spending tonight. Time to come clean about I went.

So I had two exemptions, for my dining night and one other unscheduled event.

Obviously normal food shopping, petrol, utilities and transport were allowed.

So in 31 days I ended up with 21 no spend days. If I take out my two exemptions I had eight spending days I hadn’t planned on.

Some might say that was a fail, but in April with one less day in the month I spent on 22 days, ie only had eight zero spend days.

When I look at how I failed it was little things like a catch up with my ex work colleagues for a breakfast. I had a hair appointment and bought some product. I also paid for tickets to a charity event early next month. My worst spend was on some craft supplies. On the whole though when I did spend it was less than $10.

I cancelled Neon now that Game of Thrones is over (spoiler alert=I never liked Bran as a character but loved Tyrion’s logic behind Bran the Broken, and otherwise I thought the end was great, although donfeel they should have put the time in for at least one extra episode so it didn’t feel quite as rushed).

I cancelled my food delivery service and have for the last two weeks fully planned my entire week (not just four/five dinners) for well under what I was paying on the cheapest offer.

I will continue this month with an aim for zero spend as it does focus you. I’m also doing junk free June again so it will help me have healthy sugar-free snacks etc. I don’t particularly enjoy the week menu planning time but I have enjoyed the feeling of a good job done with the success of my weeks.

I do believe life is for living, and if I need to spend a couple of dollars to enjoy some of that living, I’m okay with that, but it doesn’t hurt to tighten your belt a little. I certainly haven’t had impulse buys on books, magazines, clothes or makeup. (The first two are more likely for me than the last two).

So I’ll give myself a pass mark 7/10.

What are you doing to help your finances go further or grow?

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