Dabbling in the creative

I’ve taken up card making over the last couple of years, to the point that my spare room is becoming quite full of papers, cards, embellishments and various tools.  I’ve merely been dabbling, picking up techniques from youtube, and purchasing some nice bits and pieces from a number of outlets.  A special shout out to Scrapbook Central in Petone for a fabulous store, great ideas/kits and excellent service (online and face to face) – it’s on my must go list whenever I go to Wellington!

In Christchurch we are a bit more limited with options.  However while trawling through PaperTree recently to find some “masculine” ideas (I want to make cards for my brothers and the majority of paper craft “stuff” is very feminine), I met a complete stranger who swapped details with me and put me in touch with a consultant for Close to My Heart.

So I have now been to a workshop and purchased some items from this consultant and am feeling my way around some more structured designs.  I still love doing things from scratch (although my desire to put too many pieces to one card is still overwhelming at times) but I have found a happy place where I can get some new inspiration, ideas and product and meet some like-minded people. I can still trawl the stationery stores for other ideas and embellishments too.

So below are some of the cards I have made this year – I decided I would send every immediate family member a birthday card this year, and am on track!  It’s been nice that those who have received cards so far this year have enjoyed the surprise of some real mail in the letter box too.  Maybe old traditions like that should make a comeback!


2 responses to “Dabbling in the creative

  1. What a nice thing to do…It means so much to get a real card in the mail these days, but a hand-made card is really special! Love your designs!

  2. Thanks Fiona, felt I had to do something with the cards and I don’t know if they’re good enough to sell – and don’t know where I’d do that as I don’t have a huge lot either!

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