No spend month

Okay so I’m going to do this!

I start a new job at the end of the month and it pays less. It’s also less stress… or at least I hope it will be, and that to me is worth the drop in pay.

However I am saving for a trip to Melbourne for my birthday in the spring and I had set a lofty goal of saving $17,000 this year (don’t ask me exactly why it was that much!). That goal is not looking so likely now, however I am keeping it in mind as if you aim high, you should get somewhere.

So it’s definitely time to cut back on some spending and the no spend month is a start. This will be in May. So I have done a little spend on some autumn/winter work clothes already and I will have to pay a deposit for my air bnb sometime soon. I have decided the deposit is an exception.

In looking at my budget I seem to eat an AWFUL lot of money! I currently subscribe alternately, to both Fresh start and Woop, which is dinners for my week, but it’s the snacks, the lunches and other stuff where it adds up. My intention is to stop these in June and go back to my own menu planning and shopping but with a new job thought it best to keep life simple for now.

So here are my Rules:

No spending on weekday lunches

Keep groceries to $50 a week to cover snacks lunches and household products (use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning products)

No new wardrobe items – I keep a pretty capsule wardrobe and my recent purchases should see me through the next season. (Inspired but not fully following Project 333)

No makeup or toiletries unless they are completely run out (use the bits and bobs of things in my bathroom to see me through!)

No new craft stuff – eek. This will be hard as I have a workshop on the 5th May but will make do with my current supplies!

I am allowed two nights out. That allows for my monthly get together and an impromptu invite… although I’ll work hard to keep to the monthly one only.

I am allowing one additional month of Neon to see the end of Game of Thrones and then cancel the subscription. This is a small saving as I took a TV only option which was $12 a month but of course the season goes over two being six weeks long!

No new subscriptions.

SO! It shouldn’t be too hard… but let’s see how it goes.

And hopefully at the end of May I’ll have some brass in pocket

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