Let love be the answer.

I was caught up in the hospital lockdown following the Mosque attacks on Friday. It has taken me time to put my thoughts into order.

We must not be afraid.

We must not be ignorant.

We must learn about each other’s differences and accept them for who they are, who or what they believe in, who they sleep with and whatever skin tone they have.

We must stop using labels for these groups.

There is only one label – they are humans.

Ignorance lead to fear, fear lead to a cowardly act that has shocked the world and rocked my wee city to the core yet again. If anyone thinks there is anything right or any justification for that act, they are wrong.

I am proud to be a New Zealander, to live in a diverse country that has led the way in so many ways. I hope that we as a country step up once again to lead the way in how we cope and deal, and respond to this vile action.

There is no room for a hate. There is no energy for hate. We must accept people as they are and treat them with kindness. Let love be our answer.

As to the perpetrator let the system deal with him and let him not get any more acknowledgement.

Kia Kaha, Christchurch

Kia Kaha, New Zealand

2 responses to “Let love be the answer.

  1. Utterly appalling and saddening and just leaves everyone lost for words that this could be inflicted on others so pointlessly. I’m so sorry that this happened in your beautiful city that has been through so much.

  2. Particularly while they were in a place of prayer doing nothing wrong. I went to mass this morning and trying to imagine such a scenario in my church just made it feel even more calculated and vile. I saw a small group of victims family leaving when the lockdown finished and their faces said it all and made it so very real. (Very surreal locked down). Their utter shock and devastation was so apparent ūüė•

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