Eight years on…

So I started blogging after the Christchurch earthquakes. Basically a year of shaking had finally got to me and I started a “photo every day” blog on blogspot to help me focus on something and get out of a black fugue that had finally descended on me after 15 months of being strong since the Sept 2017 quake started it all.

On Friday it was eight years since the big quake that destroyed the city. While the shake was a lower magnitude than the September one five months earlier, the time of day and proximity ensured that Feb 22 was etched in our hearts and minds forever.

Cashel Mall 22 Feb 2011

My office used to be on the 2nd floor of the Whitcoulls building.

So eight years on a lot has been rebuilt. There are still areas in town where there are wide open spaces. There are still 2000 private house claims being argued about. However we are slowly returning to being an exciting and safe town. New buildings have latest technology to ensure foundations and walls are strong. Our beautiful town hall had open days this weekend prior to it’s official opening next week. We have laneways and groovy areas. The Riverside Market is due to open in spring.

We have lime scooters! (I’m yet to be brave enough to get on one!). Our beautiful river has new promenades around it and the east frame is coming on nicely.

I am proud to be a Cantabrian. We are a resilient lot, but that’s thanks to the support of our fellow kiwis, and those from further afield who have sent messages and help when needed. I have always loved this city and will continue to do so.

We are getting there! Well and truly.

Eight year’s ago it was chaos – today it’s a cool, thriving part of town. (The White buildings to the side replaced Whitcoulls).

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