Just Dabbling in Bucket Lists

I was on a very low key staycation a couple of weeks ago, having had a medical treatment, didn’t have much energy to do much and I’m afraid I suffered from cabin fever and got quite bored.  The books I had got out did not inspire me, the weather was lovely but I couldn’t garden.  It just felt a bit frustrating and a waste of my time off.  However during this staycation I realised I had 25 months before I turn 50.  I’d read someones “30 before 30” blog and I thought, if I wanted to do “50 before 50” I’d have to do 2 things every month.  So I put a call out on Facebook for some ideas … but only got a few.

I’ve never really been into bucket lists, to be honest.  I try to live my life to the fullest, and sometimes, just surviving the week is a tick!  With a lower life expectancy, perhaps I’ve been doing things subconsciously rather than having a long list to prove to people.  I thought about compiling a list of things I’ve actually achieved – A degree (post graduate level); been to the top of the eiffel tower; drank a pint of guinness in a pub in Dublin; given directions to a french person in Paris, in french; completed a 6km walk … those sorts of things.

At dinner last night my friends reckoned I should go for the 50 before 50.  I have downloaded German onto my duo lingo app, but I kind of need to learn that fast, given I’m heading overseas in 7 weeks.  I do intend to learn the two other official languages of New Zealand – Te Reo Maori and Sign Language.  I could read 50 books, eat something new every month, learn a new craft.   I’m limited to things that don’t require certain physical aspects, so no bungy jumping or parachuting (incidentally, most kiwis I know would NEVER do a bungy jump – we leave it to the tourists!).  I’m still undecided.

What do you think – do bucket lists make your life more fulfilled, or more pressured?  Is it better just to live in the moment and take each day as it comes?  If you think I should do it, leave your suggestions in the comments… nothing that increases the heart rate as I’m not allowed to do that.



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