The 30 Day Yoga Challenge

So today was day 29 of my yoga challenge.  As tomorrow is a Monday and it will be a crazy day at work, having been on leave for the last week and a  bit, I thought I’d post today how it’s gone.  Barring some sort of disaster I know quite comfortably that I’ll complete the 30 day challenge tomorrow morning.

I have averaged around 23 minutes of yoga every day – I took out my two yoga class days from my calculations because on those two Tuesdays, early in the challenge, I had a 1.75 hr of class plus the 10-15 minutes I did in the morning.  I didn’t want to skew my average!

What have I learned?  Well, I haven’t had any mind-blowing life-changing realisations.  What I have to admit is that the only way I have managed this challenge is by putting my gear out the night before. This all means acknowledging I’m a) a tad lazy and b) not a morning person.  My gear is stacked up nicely in a little area in my dining room (which is where I do my yoga).  Now you would think that because it’s in my dining room, it’s a snitch to roll out the mat and begin, yeah? Nah.  Not for me.  I stagger out in the mornings bleary eyed and put the jug on.  The last thing in the world I feel like doing is rolling out the mat and getting my bolster or brick for the first pose.  However if I stagger out in the morning bleary eyed and switch the jug on, turn around and see the mat waiting for me with the brick ready for its first pose…I stagger over, and start.

I have also learned that daily practice has its benefits.  By the second week I was feeling lighter, and definitely less creaky as I got ready for work.  Two or three of the poses I have done regularly seem to come easier and perhaps I’ve even improved a little.

Another learning is that actually, if I have a migraine and do a few supported forward bends, it’s as good as a painkiller, and with painkillers after breakfast the migraine has stayed at bay.  Although I’ve had a teacher who has been big on this, it’s only doing this challenge that I’ve actually gone ahead and done yoga with a full on migraine.  (Normally it’s at class when the migraine is petering out).  It is almost magical.  This morning I felt a bit headachey as well, and after the yoga that feeling was gone and I felt quite clear-headed.

I can’t say I’m bounding with endless energy or am focused and zen all day.  I do however feel that this challenge has been a good one to take on, and as someone who would like a morning routine but hasn’t really ever found the right thing to do – this might just tick the box for me.  It focuses the mind (for a while, at least) and definitely gets me moving.  I’m not sure if it will be every day, forever, but morning yoga is definitely going to be a regular part of my life.   Namaste.


1 day left to mark off!


My tidy yoga stack

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