Just dabbling in my rebuilding city

My thoughts go out to those hit by Harvey, Irma and now the earthquakes near Mexico. When I see those pictures our little city got off “lightly” in comparison. Though that is not to lesson our loss of life, the ongoing struggles of those still fighting insurance and rebuilds, or the psychological impact the earthquakes have had on our city. The pictures coming on my screen however, look like total devastation in some places. 

Where there is life though, there is hope. We are just past the seven year anniversary (4 Sept) of the first 7.1 quake that set off a chain of aftershocks which included the deadly February 22, 2011 shake here.  There are parts of my city that are still empty and desolate. We still have a council, church and government arguing about the Cathedral (decision due tomorrow!). There are real pockets of innovation, and pockets of creativity and pockets of normalisation. This weekend sees the opening of the Crossing precinct, in the Retail centre of town. My photos of the new block don’t do it justice so I’ve included video from Stuff news site a week ago. This is exciting. Today I walked along Cashel Street and felt a real vibe of a city being reborn. Slowly, but surely.

I still love Christchurch and wouldn’t live anywhere else.  

I am full of hope for those overseas who are just starting to deal with their disasters. My heart goes out to you all.  Kia Kaha – stand strong. Work and help each other, it’s a long road ahead, but there can be hope and light at the end of it.

The Crossing behind scenes

Cashel mall frontage, laneways through to more shops, cafes and the bus exchange

Looking to Colombo corner and Ballantyne’s on the far side of road

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