30 day yoga challenge

So I’ve reached the seven day mark of my 30 day challenge. I must admit I did wonder whether I should have rest days in there, but then I figured, it’s yoga, not a running regime, and my focus was to get daily practice in!

What have I learned so far? Two things. The first being that putting out my gear the night before is key. This seemed a little silly, given I have a small place and my yoga gear sits in a tidy pile in the dining room, which is where I do my yoga. The reality is that before doing this challenge, most mornings I’d get up with an idea of doing some yoga, but without a hot drink or a shower to wake me up, my mind just isn’t interested in setting all the gear out. Lazy,  but true.  Having my mat rolled out, a bolster and brick or two ready to go and even my blankets at the ready… I just go to the mat on auto pilot!
The second thing I’ve learned is that it does make a difference. I wouldn’t say it’s turned me into a new person, but I definitely start the day in a good frame of mind. I have a feeling the more I do this, the longer lasting my zen, focused start to the day will be.  Combine this with the fact that in New Zealand, we’re coming into spring, I feel a burst of positivity and energy before the month is finished! The biggest challenge will be around the 8th September when I will start to feel the effects of my medical treatment. I’ve given myself a good head start for that point, and if I only end up doing child’s pose and some prone lying proses, it will be better than doing nothing.

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