Just dabbling in yoga 

I think I do more than dabble in yoga. I have been attending classes for over 15 years.  My yoga of choice is Iyengar, mainly because of the great teachers I’ve had, but also because it uses a lot of props, assisting you into poses that you might not ever do otherwise.  Due to health restrictions, I can’t do many inversions such as headstand or shoulder stand, but I can do variations through the iyengar method. I go to classes most weeks, but every three months or so I have to forgo class due to a treatment that leaves me too exhausted to do a class.  We have a new payment system and it’s enabled me to go to about 6 classes a month on the whole.

However my teacher is away for a month, and during that time I will have that treatment again. I’ll miss three weeks worth of classes. So I have decided to give myself a challenge to do 30 days of yoga – home practice.  I do a bit of home practice between classes,  but I’m not great at daily yoga. By going online with this challenge, I’m going to have to be accountable and do the best I can.  During my treatment time my intention is to do even a minimum of 15 minutes restorative poses, and the aim is to do about 30 minutes otherwise.

As I’m a journal user, I’ve created a tracker, and drawn up my stick figure page of poses that I know are good for me.  I’ll update how I go over the next 30 days!

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