Just dabbling in Culture

Christchurch’s art gallery Te Puna O Waiwhetu, is a great building. After the earthquakes it was taken over by Civil Defence as its main quarters, and then as the months passed and the need lessened, it was closed for repairs. It has been open for a while now, but I’m afraid I haven’t ventured to anything since it opened. That changed last night when I joined a couple of friends  at the opening night of the Len Lye exhibition.  The event was called MOVE.

The opening was a free event and included DJs set up in the main foyer, the various galleries open to view, drinks, food trucks and a silent disco!

This is the type of event Christchurch needs more of.  It was a brilliant evening. All ages attended, a varied crowd. By the end of the night it was mainly the younger set dancing away in the foyer. For me the highlight was the silent disco.  Set to films on a screen the DJs mixed it up from Jazz to the late 70s. I think I spent about 2.5 hrs dancing!

I will be returning to have a closer look at the exhibition, because you couldn’t really do it justice, particularly the kinetic art which “performs” at set times.  Also the upper galleries closed at 10pm, a fact we’d missed when looking at the schedule and we’d been out getting food from the food trucks!

This really was a great event, that catered for so many different people. People were there for the art, for the music, for the “vibe” and also, because 6 years on, we still don’t have a real city. Christchurch is worth visiting, don’t get me wrong. However, events like this help fill gaps and bring our city together. 

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