Last night we envoked the earthquake rules and returned to somewhere we’d been pre earthquake – but hadn’t been to their new location. Previously in the CBD, Nobanno has been out Woolston way on the road to sumner for quite some time. On a freezing cold night, the idea of warm spicy Bengali food really appealed.

There were seven of us and we decided to go for the special banquet menu, five courses for $42.90. Poppodoms and dipping sauce came out, quickly followed by various bhajas and some chicken tikka . We had seven mains – plenty to share with the chicken special, prawns, beef, lamb and pork curries, plenty of pilau rice and naan bread.  Dessert was a mix of creme brûlée made with 12 spices and a mango filled panna cotta. All followed up by choice of tea or coffee, so we all opted for a chai tea.

Great, friendly service, and beautifully cooked food, the Bengali curries seem lighter than your average Indian curry. The banquet is normally $60 per person, so it was value for money, and we were all full at the end of the night.  I’m keen to go back again for a biryani or bazarer goru from the menu.  It was a warming, lovely way for us to catch up this month, and on the whole the acoustics finally meant we could hear every conversation at the table rather than having to lip read half the conversations,

Well recommended.

Bhajas and tikka

My plate with a bit of everything except the prawn. I refilled a couple of times!

Mango panna cotta

12 spice creme brûlée

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