Madam Woo – Christchurch

Six of us ventured out on a wet and cold winter’s night to Madam Woo.  After getting a bit disoriented and lost (it’s down a laneway) we were glad to enter this warm and inviting restaurant.  They only book half the restaurant out, so we were down for a “wait and see” but arriving rather early, we were able to quickly get a table for six, and just had some drinks at the bar while we waited for the table to be set up.

Like many asian menus, there is a lot of choice, but we had a very knowledgeable and helpful waitress who advised you can share or keep to yourself, and gave us good indications of portions for all the meals so we knew what would share well.  We decided on some Wantons and a couple of Hawker Rolls to start.  (Sorry, we dived into this delicious food before I even thought of taking a photo!)  The Hawker Rolls would feed you quite nicely at lunchtime.  The Pork was particularly sublime!  However as we were sharing, they had pre-cut these so we could easily share out onto our separate plates.

Then for our mains we had a mix of dishes. We ordered a Beef Rendang, the Pork Belly Stir Fry, Crispy Chicken Salad, the Crab Salad and a Nasi Lemask.  The food was just fabulous.  Lovely flavours, with the crumble of Pork Crackling on the stir fry and the beautiful fresh flavours of cucumber and coriander in the Chicken Salad being my two favourite dishes.  There wasn’t much left to scrape off our plates at the end of the night.

We decided to go sweet as well, with one taking on the Sago pudding, a couple of Coconut & Mango ice-creams and a couple of Portuguese custard tarts!

All up we were fed, watered and out of there just over two hours – which was fine, we knew the table was booked for 8pm, but at no point did we feel rushed.  As it was an early meet up (from work, so around 6pm) it was nice to be heading home to our warm houses on this cold night after such a beautiful meal.  It was a perfect balance!

Highly recommended, the service was great.  Only downfall was once again, noise.  It would be good if some of these new restaurants were fitted out with better acoustics.  Considering many of the places in Christchurch are brand new, it would be easy enough to do.  The place was fully from about 7pm onwards and had a great vibe.

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