Just dabbling in life balance

So a bit has been happening lately. Work has been very busy and I’ve found the last couple of years quite tiring. I love my job, the people I work with and where I work, but I do live with a pretty severe medical condition.  I am fortunate enough, however, to operate pretty well and most people wouldn’t know. It has been getting harder though and when my parents died so close together I remember reminding myself that there is more to life.  However life went on.  Finally, after a couple of years of discussing it, I have taken the ball into my own hands, and negotiated with my CEO to drop a day at work. I will work four days a week going forwards, flexing up at our peak times, or if there’s a particular requirement.

Tomorrow I start my new part-time life.  I can’t wait!  I think, being winter, the first couple of months will just be adjustment and resting up! However once the weather warms I do have plans to do something a little productive with my extra day. However, just having an extra day to do chores, prepare food etc and the like has already made me feel “lighter. I’ve just had a week’s holiday and although I had venesection on Friday, don’t feel quite so overwhelmed at the thought of work. 

One of my ways I’ll relax over winter, is do some crafting, and I did a little of that this week, with some card kits I picked up from Scrapbook Central in Wellington.

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