Listening to … a guilty pleasure

Okay I have never really been into boy bands, I preferred Robbie and Gary after Take That. I tolerated Westlife while I lived in Ireland, but used to laugh at their white pyjamas (or was that boyzone?). Poppy boy bands have always been just on the outside of the radar… filtering through on mainstream radio but barely touching my consciousness.  As someone well into her 40s,  1d weren’t even managing to do that.  But, somehow (thanks to Graham Norton and James Corden) Harry Styles has managed to break that barrier.

So very guiltily I’ve been listening to Two Ghosts, Kiwi, Sweet Creature and Sign of the Times. There’s something a little bit more to this young lad. And he has a bit of swagger about him, reminiscent of Jagger and/or Bowie. He’s only 23 so he has plenty of time to get there. There is potential at least!

Two Ghosts

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