The Retropolitan Social Club

Nostalgia. It’s a weird thing. Reminders of times gone past, memories, reminiscing. But you wouldn’t really go back there would you? A marketing dream, nostalgia hits us in the warm fuzzies. So when a restaurant opens up with a big nod to the 1970s, decks out the place with Raleigh 20 and chopper bicycles, dial telephones, original soda streams, lovely wooden side cabinets (you know the sort, hardwood, dark or light stain, with pull down cupboards), roller skates, portable 9″ TV sets, floral carpet and lampshades, lots and lots of lampshades; well you can’t help think of the good Ol’days. What the 30 somethings and younger are thinking will be more of a “What the..?”

I hope I’ve set the scene for one of the newest eateries in Christchurch. Replacing Cargo Bar, the owners have gone Retro. With style. What of the food, I hear you say? Well I shall say one word…. Fondue.

It would be fair to say that CJ, who chose this month’s venue, is a cheese addict. I’m pretty sure seeing this on the menu would have been the clincher for the booking. Yes, fondue is on the menu. As are prawn cocktails and nana’s meatloaf. Burgers, lamb shanks, also feature.  The food nods to the heartwarming and the retro, but the flavours are definitely 2017.

Some curly fries were ordered for those of us not partaking in prawn cocktails or meatloaf.

There were six of us dining last night, and the fondues are served for 2-4 people, two fondues were ordered, I ordered the beef hot pot and one ordered a burger.

OMG the food was good! The fondues came out – one a meat based with BBQ flavoured dipping fondue, the other vegetables with cheese! The four fondue folk shared their fare, and I had to try some broccoli dipped in the cheese sauce, DIVINE. Cheese overload was threatening for CJ so she was in heaven! My hot pot was amazing. Served with a creamy potato bake and coleslaw (the most garlicky I’ve ever eaten, aioli will replace mayo in any coleslaw I make now!). Every morsel was delicious. And the burger with its huge potato skin chips disappeared too.

Service was pretty attentive, although unfortunately after our mains the waitresses seemed to go off duty, so while we had the dessert menu (with chocolate fondue option and old fashioned banana splits) to read, nobody came back for our order. In some ways they probably did us a favour as we were all so full we would have been pushing it to eat anything else, but for me it was a shame it finished up like that. We didn’t bother saying anything though when we paid as the food had been so good and, really, as stated, we were pretty full.  Also the RSC is in proximity to AMI stadium where the rugby was on and the crowd had started to come in for after-game drinks.  I will be going back for dessert though!

So I’d rate this new place a good solid 8/10.  The decor is brilliant, and the food was delicious. Service at the end lost it a couple of points, but didn’t put me off.  As for the 70s though? Yeah, nah, I wouldn’t wanna go back.  Nice to visit for a few hours though ☺️



Blimmin big burger

Beef hot pot

Nana’s meatloaf

Prawn cocktail


Bicycles in the entrance way

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