Listening to …. Jon Toogood, acoustic 

On a wet miserable Thursday, with Cyclone Cook making its depressing presence across the country, what better thing to do than go to a gig? Particularly when you’re heading into a four day holiday weekend so can stay under the covers the next morning?

Jon Toogood, lead singer of Shihad, collaborator with The Adults, and all round good guy is doing an acoustic tour around the country. He’s heading to some small locations too, not just the cities. 

It was a great gig, complete with covers from Th’Dudes, Split Enz and Dragon, Australian Crawl, Bowie and Motörhead. The evening was interspersed with colourful anecdotes and of course broken down acoustic versions of great Shihad hits – and lesser known tracks.  I always think you see the strength of a song when it is simplified to this level. All these songs held up to the acoustic test. A brilliant night out!  Happy Easter everyone.

A couple of acoustic vids I found on YouTube so you can get the idea!


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