2017 Photo of the Week

Tickets.  I’ve kept a few in my lifetime.  I had a fabulous picture frame of all the gigs I’d been to overseas, but unfortunately I didn’t realise the sun would get to it.  I got rid of the picture frame, and most of them are faded. But I kept the tickets.  Recently, after going to Bruce Springsteen, I was thinking about how many gigs I’d been to.  I started a list.  I’ve got 60 gigs on the list – that I can think of – but it doesn’t probably include countless local bands at Orientations.  I’ve got some of the larger kiwi band gigs I’ve been to, but the smaller ones… too hard to remember.

Anyway I was having a clean up and decided to add the details into my journal – I thought it quite cool to put my faded tickets in a pile as well.  You can’t read half of them any more, so I should throw them, but I still have the memories.  Especially the Midnight at the Olympia St Etienne gig, and of course the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Slane Castle.  Christy Moore at Vicars Street.  Then back home I’ve seen U2 6 times – the first time on the Love Town tour with BB King. Coldplay at the Point and Manu Chao also there – that one was like a spanish fiesta!

It’s a mix, from folky Christy Moore and Michelle Shocked to the rocking of the Chilis and our own Shihad.  So many gigs. Too hard to name my favourite, because you think of one, and then remember another one.


One response to “2017 Photo of the Week

  1. Oh wow! That’s a lot of concerts – quite jealous! What great memories. I hope you have digital scans or photos so you can re-create the frame if you ever want to!

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