Sun Dog Diner

While I’ve been eating out each month with my friends I’ve not been so good at the blog part. So time to rectify that. Last night five of us ventured to the Carlton corner, aptly named because of the iconic Carlton Pub on one corner of this edge of centre city street. The Carlton itself was destroyed in the Earthquakes but was one of the first to get rebuilt with a nod to its former glory. Across the road on the other corner, the shops have been closed and cordoned off, being restored and finally finished in recent weeks. It is in this group of shops we find Sun Dog Diner. 

SDD is a sort of grungy American Diner  with bar and then some booths and a small outdoor courtyard area. The menu is a mix of all day breakfast, toasted sandwiches and Mexican inspired bits and bobs.  Oh and a “world famous” Mac’n’cheese!

I decided on the El Machete with sloppy Jose mince – a taco bowl. Two chose different toasted sammies; one pork, one chicken. One had the Renegade Hash and our cheese connoisseur had to try the Mac’n’cheese.

Verdicts? Clean plates and one cheese coma! We were all fully satisfied. My taco bowl was huge (photo doesn’t show scale) and at first posed the dilemma of how to eat without spilling the contents over myself, but I rose to the challenge successfully!

Three had room to share “desserts” which were breakfast offerings of pancakes and French toast, but I stuck to a hot chocolate as there was no room left in my stomach for anything else.

Great service, funky edgy decor and affordable dining. A good night out!

Mac’n’cheese with extra cheese sauce

Renegade hash

Pork Sammie

Chicken Sammie

That’s what I call a taco

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