2017 Photo of the Week

This photo was actually taken last Wednesday 15th February. Fire in the hills. This was not what our city needed. This view was phenomenal.  Usually you can see the whole of the port hill suburbs, houses and bush.  Never before have we seen anything like it. Although we’ve had fires, not on this scale. Over 2000ha of the hills went up. A week later they’re still dampening hot spots. 11 houses destroyed, more undoubtedly damaged, and a tragic loss of life when one of the helicopters flying monsoon buckets crashed and the pilot died. This fire came so close to many more houses, those hills you can’t see are fully occupied … this fire was right on the edge of major suburbia. 450 houses were evacuated.  Scary stuff and we all value the efforts of those tireless fire fighters.  They are true heroes.

One response to “2017 Photo of the Week

  1. Woah. That is close. Devastating to local wildlife as well, with 2000 hectares burnt out. Those fire fighters are absolutely incredible, putting their lives on the line but also spending so much time away from their own families when there are major incidents to work on. I hope the local landscape can recover well and quickly. ūüė¶

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