Just dabbling in goals

I’ve never been a resolutions girl, but you do reassess things at the end of a year and the start of a new one.

Some of the things I achieved in 2016 I’m proud of, such as completing my first 6km walk, renovating my 1970s kitchen and having a lovely week with a couple of my siblings in Napier, a place I’d not been before.  

So goals for 2017 that you may read about, depending on how much I dabble in them are

  • Learning German (for a trip I’m saving for in late 2017)
  • Playing the piano more
  • Doing up my spare room into more of a craft space 
  • Being healthier through my yoga, less sugar (again!) and walking
  • and I’d like to be more Eco-friendly

I’m aiming to reduce the use of plastic in the house and reduce waste full stop (clearing out clutter could cause a bit of landfill as most things worth donating are already gone).

While some people on the net seem to find this easy, it’s not so simple, particularly when you’re trying to save money, and bulk buying when you are single is almost as wasteful.

I’m continuing with my food bag which reduces food waste. I’m going to encourage them to find better packaging. And for when I have to get groceries I’ve got my jute bags and my string bags for produce.  Finally I’ve got a reusable cup for work, where I seem to use way too many non recyclable paper cups. 

 I also have rechargeable batteries and a charger. After five years I’ve just replaced some of the batteries that were no longer keeping charged.

So I’m making a start on this one, but will be keen for hints on reducing plastic more from all of you!

What are your goals for the year?

5 responses to “Just dabbling in goals

  1. That’s a very productive 2016 and some great things to look back on! I definitely share the health goals for 2017 and the desire to delete more plastic – for me, food packaging is one of the big culprits with plastic. I love the idea of a 6km walk…that’s a good event to do as a real health boost. Bring on 2017!

  2. HI there, I’m new to your blog, having followed over from, I think, a comment on Fiona’s blog. Anyway, my top tip for learning German is that every time you learn a word learn it with the article. Don’t learn that “Brot” is the word for bread, learn that “das Brot” is the word for the bread. This is one of the first ideas that my very first German teacher introduced us to but I’m afraid I was always very lazy about it and now, nearly 30 years later, I still have to look things up all the time. Have started trying to make an effort in the last couple of years to do better but it is a total slog, and very when I find out that something I thought was one gender is actually another (one word in particular that I was sure I was right on was actually wrong and it was more than 20 years before anyone pointed it out to me!). Good luck with it and with all your resolutions.

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