Listening to Coldplay

Yep, I’ve just had a weekend away and experienced one of the best concerts ever.  The big gigs don’t tend to disappoint.  I first saw Coldplay in 2002 in Dublin, at the Point theatre. I was 30 metres if that, from the front. They hadn’t quite gone global, their second album just released.  I knew at that point they knew how to put on a great live show. They headlined an Irish music festival a few months later, which I also attended and not long after that they were stadiums all the way. Since then, however, I’ve not managed to see them live. So I was really keen to get tickets this time around, and succeeded. It was a brilliant gig, and their live show has gone the way I thought it would – massive, colourful, and full of energy! I was not let down.

We moved spots halfway through after noticing a keyboard standing alone… great spotting, we were in front of a mini stage!

So here are a few shots from inside the stadium, and a link to one of my favourites from the last album.

Adventure of a lifetime

One response to “Listening to Coldplay

  1. Love Coldplay! What a great event to be able to attend. Even better when you have seen the evolution from early on. So cool! Love seeing the photos!

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