4 responses to “Photo of the week #45

  1. Woke up this morning shocked at headlines of the earthquake last night. I hope it wasn’t too close to you and all is ok. 😦

  2. Gosh…just saw on the news that 500 people are in evacuation centres in Christchurch because of the tsunani warning. I really hope all is ok with you, friends and family and your home. 😮😯😟

    • Thanks Fiona, a very sleepless night and a long day here. No damage of note in Christchurch but Kaikoura is utterly devastated and Wellington has had a bit of a brunt. Long rolling shakes make you feel queasy and sick, but this time, at least for me, I’m all good. Family in Welly a bit on edge.

      • It sounds really worrying and little wonder everyone is on edge. Glad to hear your place is ok. Hoping you get some sleep tonight after a long day today.

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