Photo of the week #34

I know, I missed my photo of the week last week, it had been crazy busy, I was unwell most of the week with migraines and then I flew off to Auckland for a quick trip and was on the flight before I realised I’d missed my Thursday deadline.

I nearly missed this week too – but scrambled a photo, which I wish was a “scratch-n-sniff” one for you all, as it’s of my flowering Daphne bush and the fragrance is divine at my doorstep.  I’ve had to edit it a little (just darkening it slightly) as I rushed taking this as the sun was going down and it was slightly out of focus.  Still not sure of the settings on my camera – it was taken in Macro mode though.


Daphne starting to bloom

5 responses to “Photo of the week #34

  1. I can almost smell it from that beautiful photo! I think we have the same plants at the front of our new house – they smell heavenly!

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