Photo of the Week #30

We’re having a mild winter and on Sunday it was especially warm – 20 degrees Celsius! So I was out and about tidying the garden.  I noticed my rusting wheelbarrow was full of water from rain earlier in the weekend so I took this shot of a couple of dying camellia buds floating like waterlillies. I used a filter to heighten the colours a little.

2 responses to “Photo of the Week #30

  1. What is this 20C of which you speak?! 🙂 Lovely picture – I was wondering if there were waterlilies nearby that had been lifted into the wheelbarrow. Even nicer that it’s a ‘natural’ shot of real flowers.

    Has been utterly freezing, wet and raining here!

    • It’s been mild, but Jon Snow, winter is coming with snow finally falling for the ski fields. It was also -5 yesterday morning and took a very long time to warm up! I don’t mind frosts as it usually means a sunny day here.

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