Just dabbling with my journals

I’ve always had a diary, and in more recent times have tried to make them more visual. I’ve started making cards and paper craft is addictive. I also have a stationery fetish.  Despite living an online life, I do love to have a proper diary and am always on the look out for the perfect layout. 

Well this week I discovered The Bullet Journal (“BuJo”) and think I have finally found paradise!  For information about bullet journals, here is the video from the creator, Ryder Carroll here.

From this simple concept,  a community of Bullet Journal fans has grown, all coming up with further ideas. The great thing is, no bullet journal is right or wrong, as long as it works for you. It means, however, you can create a perfect life organising tool.

However, being new to this, it can be overwhelming seeing all the posts and blogs and pictures. I’m also a little frugal, so refuse to throw out my current goal planning diary, and therefore have decided to work two journals at once.    The goal planning diary gives me my weekly focus, and the rest in my newly created bullet journal (where I can be creative or minimalist, depending on my mood). My index is also at the back as my journal was already started!  By the time my diary runs out I will have a better idea about what I need or want in my BuJo and I can have fun in the interim.

Do you have a favourite diary or planner? What works for you?

3 responses to “Just dabbling with my journals

  1. I love your ‘habits’ flow-chart – what a great idea. How fantastic to be able to customise and free-flow like that. It is so hard to find the perfect diary but agreed – a very addictive pursuit!

    • Yes, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it myself! There are some great ideas out on Pinterest and the like, but it’s a little overwhelming with some of the beautiful artistic designs out there. I’m keeping mine relatively simple which is less time consuming too, and just finding out what works for me, which is the beauty of the system.

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