Just dabbling in a little painting

It’s been a busy 10 days as I’ve had my sister down for a few days, then my brother and his wife stayed for a couple of days on their move back to New Zealand after 23 years living in Queensland.  Their stay included a night with their two doggies arriving, so I had to put my somewhat flighty cat into the cattery for a night (it was the best option for her), and then to finish the week I had a hospital appointment and now I think I’m getting the start of a head cold!

However while my sister was in town, we decided to do something a bit creative.  I’ve been wanting to try out Paint’N’Sip ever since it opened about two years ago.  It’s a cool concept.  Grab a friend or three, book in for a night of painting and sipping on wine.  I can’t draw to save myself, but I like being creative.  My sister, on the other hand, did School Certificate art (and I think UE art?) and definitely has the ability to hold a pencil, a paintbrush or whatever tool she needs and do a good job.  So it was a little bit daunting heading off to this with her, but the lovely team at Paint’N’Sip assured me that you didn’t have to know how to draw or paint – in fact they said 95% of the people who go fall into this category.

So each month PNS publish a calendar with the different pictures you can paint.  We’d booked in on the Friday night to do the Hagley Park scene.  They provide all the materials, some nibbles, and you just pay for the wine (at very reasonable prices, I might add).  Then the class starts with the Painting Guru doing step by step – telling you what paint brush to use, how to mix the paints, where to paint, how to paint… and little by little, you create a masterpiece!  I’m proud enough of my result to have it hanging in the spare room.  My ground isn’t as good as my sisters – but I realised afterwards I’d used the wrong paintbrush at that point (too much wine, perhaps).

It was a lot of fun.  There were about 16 of us on the night and everyone had the same painting but really different and cool interpretations of the same thing.  I joined the loyalty club to go again sometime – perhaps a free seat on my birthday?!

If you’re in Christchurch (and soon, in Queenstown), check them out and give it a go.  It was a lot of fun and at the end of it I felt a huge sense of achievement!

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