Listening to … ANZAC music

It’s a long weekend here in New Zealand (and Australia) as we commemorate the ANZACs on ANZAC day tomorrow.  This will, for me, involve a dawn service and then a breakfast with friends.  I’ve actually tagged on a few days to the long weekend to have six days off and I’ve been spending the last couple of days listening to music and de-cluttering, reading, gardening, walking… just chillin’.

I’ve recently been listening to Boy & Bear – an Aussie band, actually.  I love the song Southern Sun (the video features NZ landscapes!) which Hauraki play a bit, so have been investigating some of their music on Spotify.  They have that banjo / guitar sound a little reminiscent of Mumford and Sons.  They were actually a bunch of guys from different bands and they started jamming … and Boy and Bear is the result.

So, my surprise today was doing a bit of music myself.  Through a friend of a friend, I heard about the Impromptu Jam Session meet up club.  A local club through Meet.Com.  The idea is to bring an instrument and come jam.  I turned up this morning to meet about 15 other musicians including a banjo player!  We discussed Boy & Bear and he mentioned “Fall at your feet” … the cover they did of the Crowded House song.  (This is really an ANZAC-y type story!)  I had heard it and figured it was quite a fine cover.  Anyway I jammed with these musicians for about three hours, and have come home with sore fingers from playing the guitar.  But it got me thinking and  so I  looked to see what other CH songs were covered for the album that Fall at your Feet was done – plenty of great ones!  So indeed I have been listening to ANZAC music – not the military army band type, but the “artists loved by both countries” type.

For your listening pleasure, here is, Fall at your Feet (a live version featuring Bernard Fanning).  Now, I’m off to make some ANZAC biscuits to share with my friends tomorrow!

Fall at your Feet



2 responses to “Listening to … ANZAC music

  1. Hope you’ve enjoyed the days off! I’ve listened to that version of ‘Fall at your feet’ countless times now in the past week, since you linked to it. Love it.

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