Dabbling in Masterchef’ing

I’m not one to endorse products as that’s not my focus, but I will be mentioning a particular product in this blog.

You will know that I love my food and often blog about places I’ve been to in and around Christchurch with little reviews.  I also love to cook.  Lately, however I’ve been finding that I get home too tired to cook, or I get to the end of the week and I’m throwing food out that I’ve not used as I resorted to takeout.  Neither of which is good.

So I finally decided to join the My Food Bag revolution.  Founded by Theresa Gatting, Kevin Roberts and Nadia Lim, My Food Bag is an online food delivery service that sends you all the ingredients you need for four nights’ meals.  Nadia won the second series of Masterchef New Zealand and is also a trained clinical dietician. She put her win towards promoting healthy food in her cook books, one of which I also own.  Her recipes are easy to follow and nutritious.

(I also own one Jamie Oliver and about four Annabel Langbein cook books – my go to chefs!)

So for the last four or five weeks I’ve been receiving, on mainly a fortnightly basis – although I did order an extra bag at Easter – a food bag.  It’s like Christmas on a Sunday when it arrives!  I love how the ingredients are all measured out for just me!  (You can order food bags for couples, families or singles, and they do gluten free and vegetarian options too).

I’m not particularly keen on fish, and don’t eat seafood, so it was with trepidation I started this process and I get one fish meal a week – but surprise! I’ve eaten 3 fish meals so far and enjoyed every one.  I don’t think I would be able to eat salmon if I get that, but I’ve managed to miss it in my off week so far!

So, I’ve been utilising my lovely new kitchen, getting used to the stove top, the oven and definitely using that dishwasher as I’ve created some meals over the last few weeks!  Meal planning is definitely the way to go – and this makes it even easier.  In my off week, I usually have enough spices left to re-make a dish, or revert to my good old standard favourites.  I feel healthy, and virtuous – am saving money and trying new things.  Sometimes, even, I feel like I’ve just cooked like a Masterchef!  It’s a win-win.

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