Photo of the Week #14

My name is Susan and I have a stationery fetish!  I bought a new planner from a lovely stationery brand recently – it’s a well-being planner, with the idea being to focus on food, body and mind!  An example that I need to do more on the mind bit, is that this photograph is an example of not giving myself time to be creative!

So this week’s photo fulfils my photo challenge, but serves to remind that it’s supposed to be about getting out and about with my camera, not leaving it to the last minute!  Let’s get those good habits sorted!



4 responses to “Photo of the Week #14

    • Particularly with heading into the Southern Hemisphere winter, days are getting short, which leaves less time to take my photos too!

  1. I too have a stationery fetish. Those crisp white sheets waiting for a scribble. I took a book-binding course and my home is filled with half-finished books and scrap paper. We had to downsize – so I have no room to do any more.

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