The Big Project

I’ve been in the place I call home for just on 7 years – 7 years this April.  In that time I’ve had to do a bit of maintenance and have double-glazed part of the house, lived through earthquakes and had repairs done to fix the issues caused by mother earth.  At the time of the EQ repairs, I moved out for 5 weeks and came home to a rejuvenated looking place. Apart from the kitchen.

The kitchen was still the “lovely” 1970s original kitchen.  I must admit, after the earthquakes I was almost grateful I had this kitchen – all the doors and drawers stuck so nothing fell out, fell over or broke.  My pantry remained intact and I had no claim to make for crockery, food, glassware … nothing.  It was built solid!  But it was pretty ugly, and not overly functional.  It was small, closed in and the bench was so narrow. It always felt cluttered.

I’ve had lots of ideas on what to do with the kitchen over the seven years and finally, this year, I’ve actioned them.  My house might be rejuvenated with stipple ceilings/asbestos removed; wallpaper removed and walls painted neutral colours, but it was still a 1970s unit.  I didn’t want a modern, sleek shiny kitchen as I felt it would make the place feel a bit soul-less (although with my purple and green furniture, kitsch home-made bookshelf, and an old piano I do feel the lounge has a bit of character!).  So I wanted something that had a bit of character.  After wading through thousands of kitchens on the internet (pinterest you’re a blessing and a curse) I liked the look of traditional kitchens, cottage kitchens and french kitchens.  The kitchen is on the dark side of the house – it only gets brief morning sun in winter, so it needed to be light.  So I settled on a light creamy/white tongue&groove finished cabinetry with a dark bench top to break it up.  I have a bit of a thing for apple / lime green and over the years have received some lovely green bits to put in my kitchen. I thought it would all blend in nicely.

I had a fabulous kitchen designer who listened to my thoughts, had some ideas, and even adopted a couple of my ideas (stolen from pinterest) that they’d not seen before.  While the kitchen is not quite complete – I’ve yet to organise a splash back, the blinds need to be rehung after double glazing the remaining windows; and the flooring will be done in a couple of months, I’m really pleased with the final product.  I’m so happy with the result – I can’t stop looking at my kitchen and grinning. I’m in an even happier zone when I cook.  I’m in love with my dish drawer (having handwashed/dried dishes all my life!) and am adoring the space.  It’s been a bit of a cash outlay, particularly doing the last of the double-glazing as well, but so worth it, and I’ve paid for it all without debt.  I can now just rest easy and enjoy my place.  The aim is to keep the place uncluttered and clean.  A notice board or something needs to go by the bench, but I don’t want all that mess back.

So I’ve dabbled in home reno now… another tick off the list.

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4 responses to “The Big Project

    • I am loving it. Can’t stop smiling. A big plus is the dish drawer as the only dishwasher I’ve know my whole life is the human version!

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