Photo-of-the-week #3

What a chaotic week!  I’ve not had much chance to be out with the camera but earlier in the week I took this shot.  Food shots are all the rage on instagram etc and I’m a bit of a food-porn person with my food reviews.  One of my first good photos when I did a photography course was a close up of coloured capsicums and some chopped parsley that mum had been chopping up.  It was just the flash of colours and mum loved it – she framed it and put it on the fridge!!!  And no, I wasn’t 10 years old, I was an adult!

So earlier in the week I took my food shot with that inspiration in mind, as I knew I wouldn’t get out and about much to find something more inspiring.  Will try harder for next week’s subject, promise!

Anyway, I love close-ups of food, and the avocado is quite a shapely gorgeous thing.


Ready to eat



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