Listening to … David

I know, everyone has been doing Bowie tributes. Nothing I say hasn’t been said before. However of all the musical artists who started in his era, introduced to me by my older brothers, David is one I can honestly say I truly became a fan of.  I think it was his diversity … One minute he’s Ziggy, the next the Thin White Duke.  I didn’t even mind his 80s stuff. When his album came out two years ago, I was thrilled!

So how to sum up a favourite? Every teenage party I went to ended up with someone playing Space Oddity at parties. Heroes.  I was thrilled when Where Are We Now? came out so unexpectedly.

On the Tuesday after he died I was fortunate to be on leave and heard a huge number of tribute shows on radio stations.

So here are some clips.

Starman, gone to the heavens. Planet earth has definitely been blue this week. RIP.

Space Oddity

Life on Mars


Where are we now?


2 responses to “Listening to … David

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a huge reaction on Facebook – tribute after tribute. Such a huge impact. What did you think of his final song (Lazarus?)

    • I like Lazarus, but the video is somewhat disturbing, and in light of his death, more so. I do think it was Bowie’s farewell though – by all accounts he knew exactly what he was doing with the video and the album too.

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