I’m on a roll!

Well, I did mention my wall gallery project a couple of posts ago.  I have had the wall in my lounge bare since the EQ repairs.  I used to have a huge painting on the wall, but it had faded (pre-double glazing) so it is now hanging elsewhere in the house.  I’ve been looking for the right piece of artwork to go on the wall, and been also contemplating the idea of a gallery wall.

Well, one of my Christmas presents helped me make up my mind.  My sister made every single one of us a birthday board – with the names and dates of all the family’s birthdays.  It’s very creative and was a lot of work. It’s a gorgeous piece of craft, and while I initially didn’t think the lounge is the right place for it (consider it more like a calendar reminder…) when I thought of combining it with some decent family photos, an idea was born.

I also have had one photograph I’m particularly proud of – my shot of the boat at Northburn Winery’s lake I took six years ago.  I had contemplated getting this printed on a large canvas for the wall, but felt the canvas would take away the detail of the reflection.  So I decided that I would add some colour to my family photo wall by using that and another photograph.  I think the boat looks awesome – almost like a painting – and the guy at the camera shop commented positively on it too, which was nice.

As my sister is quite artistic and as she has been in Christchurch on holiday, I got her to sit with me while we mulled over final photographs and then layout.  All the pinterest sites advise you to draw the shapes and stick them on the wall.  I didn’t do that!  We went off to get frames and had fun trying to lay them on the floor or match them in the store.  Then when I got them home I laid them out on the floor.  The layout I liked didn’t end up happening, however.  None of the sites I looked at (maybe I didn’t read enough detail) didn’t mention the studs/wall fixings.  My sister’s partner soon put paid to my layout because of where we could nail the wall!  However we started in the middle and put it all together picture by picture and have a layout I’m happy with – and can add to. I don’t have any of the next generation or the in-laws on my wall just yet.  It’s a large wall and a work in progress, but I’m pleased with the initial result.  I’m still contemplating a mirror – an oval or round one – near the piano!

So project completed! I must admit without my sister and her partner I probably would be contemplating it in a year or two still.  They helped measure up, nail and hang!


Laying out on the floor


Measuring up


1 photo done, the rest to come


Final product – just slightly different alignment to plan

3 responses to “I’m on a roll!

  1. That looks so fantastic! I would feel really proud if I managed to get busy and get a project like that done (I am also one who has wanted a gallery wall for years…but it all seems too hard!) The Lake picture (from what I can see) looks beautiful!

    • It is a hard project, but with my sister motivating me by giving me the family board, and then having her to bounce ideas off it did seem a lot easier. The good thing is I have kept the size of frames not too large so there is room to add or change photos too!

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