A project…

I started my original blog on Blogspot as a result of feeling like I needed a vent for the black fug that was hanging around me.  It was after the earthquakes, in December 2011;  we’d had days of aftershocks and quite frankly I was over it.  To counteract that heavy feeling, I decided to take a photo-a-day and the blog was born.  It was quite an ambitious project and I must admit I only managed about 250 photos for the year, but it was the start of blogging and it did distract me and I started seeing all sorts in my daily search for a photo.  The black fug went pretty quickly.

This year I’ve decided to get the camera out again – it needs a bit of use!  However knowing that the photo-a-day when you work full time and live alone and therefore have to do everything yourself is hard work, I have decided upon taking a photo a week.  Of course, we’re at day 7 of 2016 and I hadn’t taken a photo at all.  I also had family turn up tonight.  So my photo was a bit rushed after they went off to their motel. But here it is.

When my brother and his wife stayed just after Christmas they did some DIY around my place and painted my fence.  They also tidied up parts of the garden in order to do this.  In trimming the (ugly) pittosporum we discovered an old birds nest with eggs in it- one of them cracked.  We figured it was old and abandoned as the nest was looking a bit decrepit too.  I thought my brother had turfed the nest and eggs out but he hadn’t, so my shot this week is a semi-tragic shot of nature a la my back yard.


3 responses to “A project…

  1. I like the picture and your descriotion. I have been thinking of getting the camera out again, but have not yet. I used to be so passionate about it. It was something my dear brother and I came to share and when he died, I just stopped. It has been almost three years now and he would want me to get back to it. Those daily, maybe even weekly for me, commitments never seem to work out. Will see what hapoens. Thanks for the reminder here and your idea to make it a bit easier on ourselves.

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