New Year, new me?

Ah the new year.  I don’t tend to make new year’s resolutions.  If I make any resolutions it’s normally around the time of my birthday but I didn’t even do that this year. 2015 was a long and tiring year.  So I’m just glad a new one is dawning.  I do have a few goals for this year, however.  Goals are a much broader term, and allow for the occasional lapse in behaviour.

So my goals this year are to keep healthy, get a little fitter, and I have a few more substantial goals, like renovate the kitchen and perhaps, financial goals allowing, upgrade the car.

One thing I did decide to do while I’m on holiday though, is do a little decluttering.  I have one big tick – I have cleared through financial papers and sorted/shredded and tidied those up today.  The other decluttering was in my lounge.  I’d like a slightly more minimalist life with things (it might make the finance goals easier by not consuming as much).  My lounge is in need of a bit of a tidy so I hit the book case.  I think I could be even harder on it yet.

IMG_0380Result so far, hmmm. not so flash.  A few books to pass on / ditch.

A project after the decluttering is to actually do something with the large wall in this room – I’d love a photo gallery or picture gallery but it is daunting to find the right look/concept.  Another goal to add to the list…

Well, I’ve got plenty of time in the year, right?  🙂

One response to “New Year, new me?

  1. That is a good hit on the bookcase! I think clearing out financial papers and sorting/shredding is the holy grail of decluttering. Well done! It’s a thankless task but I always feel so good to have both the mental and physical space afterwards.

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