Listening to … Ed Sheeran

I’m on a bit of a high this weekend after flying up to Auckland for the weekend, catching up with family and going to see Ed Sheehan, live at Mt Smart Stadium on the very last concert of his Multiply tour.

Ed’s a bit of a favourite down here in NZ, and has endeared himself to the masses over the last few years, saying lovely things about the country and of course, collaborating with Peter Jackson to write I See Fire for the second hobbit movie.

He only increased his popularity when he walked out on stage on Saturday night in an All Black 2015 jumper (I know, we’re rugby mad in this nation), but when he turned around to pick up a guitar and the back of the jumper had LOMU 11 on it, well, that was it.  If there was to be an election tomorrow and Ed was running, he’d win based on that alone!

He paid homage to the late Jonah Lomu by wearing that top, and also acknowledging that I See Fire was our national rugby world cup song. (A spine-tingling version with an underlying haka thread done by Sol3 Mio – link below).  Thanks Ed!

I had wanted to see Ed previously – I don’t know all his songs, but from the ones I do know,  he’s a good singer/songwriter, having written some huge hits for other posters too.  His previous concerts, all at small venues, have sold out in minutes, so when he announced a stadium tour I figured it was my best option to get a chance to buy tickets.  Me and 49,999 others!

The sold-out crowd were not disappointed.  You might wonder how a single guitar player can ramp it up and rock out a stadium… Ed can.  The power of good tunes, talent, guitar and a loop pedal is OUTSTANDING.

Highlights for me were Drunk, the two awesome versions of Bloodstream and I See Fire (with a bit of Nena Simone “Feeling Good” first), and the finale, Sing.  However the ballads such as Photograph and Thinking Out Loud were also fabulous, with the stadium lighting up with thousands of cellphone torches!  (I remember the day you used a lighter and burned your thumb!!!)

I’ve put up some photos, but I always find amateur video footage at something like that disappointing with background/crowd noise so I’ve linked Bloodstream … this was at the Brits this year and shows you how Ed uses the loop pedal to create a big noise.  This rendition is great, but is restrained… imagine it ramped up and in the stadium for true effect.  And finally, just to give you tingles I’ve added Sol3 Mio’s I See Fire.

An awesome night out!  I’m still fizzing!


I See Fire


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