Don’t forget to breathe

It’s been a long weekend here this weekend.  Today is Labour Day.  It’s traditionally a weekend for gardening.  To be honest I was just keen to relax as much as possible this weekend, and start to unwind for my broken week this week – I work two days then have another two days off for another long weekend.

I did relax for most of it… until 3.50am on Sunday morning when I woke up for the All Black Semi-Final against Sth Africa.  I was grumbling “it better be worth it”… as i got up and it was certainly that.  A tense, nail biting game that the All Blacks won.  So I had plenty of adrenaline yesterday, for a while.  I had about three nanna-naps in the afternoon AND an early night.

Today was the one out of the box weather wise, however, so I was up and at ’em around 8.00am, and finally got some of that traditional gardening done, with seedlings for zucchini, broccoli and coriander started, and carrots and corn planted.  I also went for a good walk – just under 3km.

But then the wind went from me and it was time to chill.  It’s a long weekend, after all.  So I got my book, a hat and sat in the sun for a while.  It got a bit much for me and I felt a bit sleepy…. So I got down on the grass, head in the shade and just breathed.  There’s something quite amazing when you lie on the grass, look up at the blue sky and just breathe.  I guess it’s a form of meditation.  You realise you’re just a tiny spec in this universe, but it’s a nice feeling rather than a depressing one – probably because of the sunshine’s Vitamin D!  It also reminds me of careless childhood – you know those long summer days when you just could lie there and dream?  So I lay there for a little while, before taking this photo so you can share the feeling.

Have a great week everyone!

Looking up into the big wide sky

Looking up into the big wide sky

2 responses to “Don’t forget to breathe

  1. Ahhh…it’s sooo relaxing just to look at a blue-sky photo. Even 5 minutes outside smelling the fresh air, grass and catching some Vitamin D makes a difference (but of course, I somehow rarely make the time to do so.) Good work by the All Blacks – sounds like a very exciting game!

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