Book Lover’s bible…

I’ve been a bit slack posting lately, I am trying to do my disconnect thing and read more.

About six weeks ago I received a surprise parcel in the post … I mentioned it in a previous post about some planned reading.  Well, I have started to use my wee gift – the Book Lover’s Journal.  It’s a fabulous way of tracking books you want to read, or have read.  You know how you go to recommend a book you’ve recently read and can’t remember what it was called, or the author?  Even if it’s been a fabulous book sometimes these details escape you, particularly if it’s a month or two later.

So now I have something to refer back to and something to log any recommendations in.  Yes it’s old school and there’s probably an online app that does the same thing, but for now I’m enjoying using it.

Incidentally, the best book I’ve read this year is “The Little Paris Bookshop” by Nina George.  I was about to start reading it when I received the parcel.  It was just delightful.  It was a quirky, happy book, and it came with some recipes and book recommendations of its own as well!

I’m about to switch off and go to my latest book – “White Truffles in Winter” by N M Kelby.  Take some time and switch off for a good book yourselves!  Feel free to recommend any good reads too.

IMG_0473 IMG_0474 IMG_0475

4 responses to “Book Lover’s bible…

  1. I absolutely love that! What a great gift…and a great gift idea, especially coming up to Christmas. Love all the detail and the ratings. It’s nice to have ‘old school’…something you can keep in your bag and not need an internet connection for. Love it!

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